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Into the Night

February 17, 2006
Into the Night, originally uploaded by robron1.

Into the Night, as in I’m off for a much needed week’s holiday after today.

Check in for some photos of the holiday when I come back if you like.
See yall soon!


Shaky at Night

February 16, 2006
Shaky at Night, originally uploaded by robron1.

Shaky Bridge on the way home the other night.


Which Way Up?

February 15, 2006

Which Way Up?, originally uploaded by robron1.

Took this at the shaky bridge the other day. Not getting much of a chance to wonder far afield to get photos so I’ll have to make do with UCC and its surroundings for now. Not a bad hunting ground anyway. The water is unbelievably still down by the shaky these days



February 14, 2006

Blaze 1, originally uploaded by robron1.

A house behind ours went up in flames last Saturday night. It’s amazing how fast the fire took hold, we woke up to what sounded like fireworks, looked out the window, and were greeted with this sight. The house was empty for a while so nobody was hurt, and the fire brigade arrived fairly quickly aswell. What we see here is the struggle between the fire and the water from the hoses.


Shaky Bridge Sunrise

February 10, 2006

Shaky Bridge Sunrise, originally uploaded by robron1.

Spring Sunrise

February 10, 2006

Spring Sunrise, originally uploaded by robron1.

Sunrise at the shaky bridge in Cork this morning. Took this one on the way to work. Made me realise that I get up too early!

Was torn between this photo and the one above, so I said I might aswell put up both.


UCC at Night

February 8, 2006

UCC at Night, originally uploaded by robron1.

This is the new(ish) student walkway and student centre in UCC. Took this last week when I didn’t have a chance to take photos elsewhere.