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Shaky Bridge Sunrise

February 10, 2006

Shaky Bridge Sunrise, originally uploaded by robron1.

Spring Sunrise

February 10, 2006

Spring Sunrise, originally uploaded by robron1.

Sunrise at the shaky bridge in Cork this morning. Took this one on the way to work. Made me realise that I get up too early!

Was torn between this photo and the one above, so I said I might aswell put up both.


Sunrise in Cork

February 7, 2006

Sunrise in Cork, originally uploaded by robron1.

Took this picture at St. Vincent’s church on Sundays Well in the middle of January. The car park has a nice view of the city. This picture is of St. Finbarr’s Cathedral. Was a little bleary eyed but managed to get this shot. Wouldn’t mind if the foreground were a little brighter though . . .